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8/28/06 - The 4400 Final Episode "Fifty-Fifty" Videos and Screen Caps are up under The 4400 Section.


8/22/06 - The 4400 - "Terrible Swift Sword" Video and Screen Caps are up under the The 4400 Section. New "Fan Photo Collage Page" up with additional photos added.


8/14/06 - The 4400 - "Gospel According to Collier" Video and Screen Caps are up under the The 4400 Section. New Fan photos add to the Fan Collage Page.

8/8/06 - The L Word Season 4 Preview Video is up under Vid

7/30/06 - Contest winners are up.

7/29/06 - New Music Video up on the Video Page. New Wallpaper.

7/24/06 - New Contest up under Contest Page. New Wallpaper up.

7/19/06 - Video Clips and Photos up from The 4400 - Home Front episode. New fan photos added to the KarinaWorld Fan Collage Page. Check out the new Karina Fan Site

7/12/06 - New 4400 Music Video up and new Wallpaper up.


7/10/06 - The 4400 "Graduation Day" Video Clips and Screen Caps up.


7/03/06 - The 4400 "Gone Part 2" Video Clips and Screen Caps up. The 4400

"Is there other life in the universe" Video Clip. We had to post a new guestbook, see below. Copies of the old guestbook is up under "The Fans" page. 


7/26/06 - The 4400 "Gone Part One" Video Clips and Screen Caps are up.

New TV Guide Article up under Articles.


6/21/06 - The 4400 "Relationships On & Off Screen" Video Clip


6/19/06 - The 4400 "Being Tom Baldwin" Clips and Screen Caps are up.

The 4400, "Which ability would you want" Video Clip - Includes Karina. Two new 4400 promo photos added of Alana on the Promo page.

6/14/06 - Its Official, Karina will return as Marina Ferrer in The L Word Season 4. Marina will make an appearance in the premiere episode. More info to come.

6/12/06 - The 4400 "New World" Video Clips and Screen Caps are up here.

6/12/06 - View the Today Show Video Clip under Videos

Photos of Karina from the Today Show on NBC, this past Friday, June 9th.


6/11/06 - The 4400 returns "Tonight" on the USA Network at 9:00 pm.


6/08/06 - Karina will be on the "Today Show" on NBC on  "Friday, June 9th. the 9:30am segment."


6/08/06 - New Entertainment Weekly Article added.  (Thanks Iris).


6/05/06 - New 4400 Season 3 Page added.



- New TV Guide Article up under Articles.  The 4400 Season 3 Preview Video up under Videos section.



- More Wallpaper added to the Wallpaper Page.



- New 4400 Season - 3 Page. Watch "Unlocking the Secrets" of the 4400 at TV/Yahoo.



- KarinaWorld is officially 2 years old today.



- Additional Photos added to the new 4400 Page. More 4400 Wallpaper added. Watch "Unlocking the Secrets" of the 4400 on TV/Yahoo.



- More Karina Photos added to the 4400 Page. Updated Big Kiss Page. New 4400 Wallpaper added to the Wallpaper Section.



- New 4400 Season 3 Page added.



- New/Old TV Week Article up under the Article Section.



- Updates made on the entire Website.



- New Music Video up under Music Video Page.



- New 4400 Wallpaper up under Wallpaper.



- The 4400 InFanity Interview is up under the Music Video Page.


- Contest Winner is up under the Contest Page.



- Karina will be on the TV Guide Channel on "InFANity". She is interviewed on the set of The 4000. It will air Friday 14th. at 3:00pm and 10:00pm.  


- New Music Video "Beautiful" up under the Music Video Page.


- New Contest Up.....Go to the Contest Page for details.


- New Fan Art added to the Fan Art Page.


- The 4400 2nd. Season DVD is now available for pre-sale at Amazon.com.



- 2002 Karina Photo and Resume added under the Articles Section.



- Karina is the February champion at the World Babe Face-off Championship. 



- New Music Video under the Music Video Page. New fan photo added to the Photo Collage Page.


- Karina's in a new contest this month at Lesbian Nation Women We Love for March 2006.  Go vote Karina into the number one spot for the Month. Go to: Women We Love It seems that you can make multiple votes. 




- New Music Video up by Kim on the Music Video Page.


- New Fun Photos added to the Fans Page.



- New Music Video up under the Music Videos Page.



- New Karina Live Journel link added to the Link Page. New photo added to the Photo Collage page.


- May 23 is the release date for The 4400 - Season Two on DVD.




 - New Music Video Up - Under the  Music Video Page.   



- Official News - Karina will be returning to"The 4400" for Season Three. 




- Homepage and minor site updates on all pages. New Wallpaper.



 - All Movie Previews are back up. Another fan Art added to the art page.

- Puzzles Updated, Valentine Day E-Cards added, More Games added. 



 - ACSII image of Karina added. 



 - More Fan art added to the new art page.



 - It's Karina's Birthday Today! We would like to wish Karina a very Happy Birthday from all her fans worldwide! 



- More Art Work added to the New Art Page.



- New Art Page added. Updates made to the Fan Page & Site Map.




 - First New Music Video of the New Year is up under the Music Video Page.



 - End of the Year Contest winners are up. 



 - Deception Theatrical Trailer up under Movie Previews. We are still in the process of re-uploading the missing movie previews.



 - New/Old Karina articles up under "Articles". 



 - New "End of the Year" contest - go to the contest page. New Music Video Up "If I can't have you", under the Music Video Page. Another new Fan photo added to the Fan Collage.



 - New Music Video "I Like The Way" up under Music Videos. Two new Fan's photos added to the Fans Collage Page.  Three new banners added to the Link To Us Page.




 - New Wallpapers, New KarinaWorld Banners, New 4400 German Link added

and new photo added to the Karina Fans Photo Collage. In the upcoming week, I will get the Movie Preview Videos back up on a new host site. 



 - New 4400 Music Video up under "Music Videos".



 - New articles added under "Articles".



 - Added photos of Karina in the studio with Dorian, under Music Career.           

 - Please don't forget to take the Karina Music Survey below because the survey will come down on the 26th. 



 - New Music video up "How Deep Is Your Love".



 - Hover Buttons have been removed. Everyone should be able to use the links above. 

 - New fan made Music Video up "Fever" by 4YB.


10/12/05 - New Revamped Site launched!

- New Home Page

- New Fan Photo Collage Page

- New Bio Page

- New E-Cards & 6 Degrees of Karina Games

- Music CD Page Added

- Site Map Added

- Minor Updates on All Pages

- New music video


9/24/05 - New Karina World Contest up. Go to the contest page. New Music Video up. 

9/9/05 - Karina's song Little By Little added to the Music Career Page.

9/6/05 - Photos of Karina from 9/3 at  the "Fight For Children: San Tropez Soiree In The Hamptons. She is pictured with Charlies Walk the host of the event.


9/5/05 - New Music Video "Careless Whispers"; Mommy's Bosses Video Clips added. 

Lyrics to Femme Le Oceane added under Music Career.

9/1/05 - New 4400 Music Video up under Music Videos

8/30/05 - Under articles....Women Before 10am added.

8/26/05 - Bob River's Radio Interview added to the Video and Movie Preview pages.

8/25/05 - New Movie Preview Page. The Fifth Page Episode Clips and photos up under 4400.

New Music video - No Letting Go. New Article. New puzzles, new games and wave photo.

8/14/05 - Updated Fan Page and Music Career page.

8/12/05 - Updated Photo Gallery Section. Added WB11 Video Interview. 

8/8/05 - Added screen caps & Video Clips from the 4400 episode "Hidden"

8/7/05 - Two New Music Videos up.

7/26/05 - Added Video clips & screen caps from the 4400 episode Carrier.

New Wallpaper & puzzle. 

7/19/05 - Added screen caps from 4400 and Video clips. Plus video clips from The Late Late Show.

7/16/05 - See Karina on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS 

 Monday Night 7/18 at 12:35 (Really-Tuesday AM) Late Late Show     

New Contest Up - go to the Contest Page.

7/14/05 - New 4400 Page added. New video called Sunrise.

7/3/05 - New Donation Button added on contact info page. New Music Videos added. 

6/23/05 - Episode 13 "Life interrupted" airs July 17th. The character's name is Alana Mareva, she enters the show in a very unusual way and changes the dynamic of the show, she is a "4400s" and has special powers... Her character remains 'til the end of the season, except for episodes 15 and 17. 

Karina is on her way to NY to tape some shows. She'll be back in Vancouver in July to tape the last 2 episodes of the "4400s" season. 

On Newsstands Now!

6/9/05 - Playboy on sale tomorrow June 10th.

6/1/05 - The July issue of Playboy will be on the newsstands from June 10th til July 8th. Karina is still filming in Vancouver 

but she will be back in LA briefly to promote "Playboy". Don't forget "The 4,400s Series" will begin airing June 5th and Karina's  first episode will air approx. July 10th.

New Wallpapers and new puzzles up.


5/28/05 - Karina World's First Anniversary - One Year old Today!


5/12/05 - Karina will be in the next issue (July) of Playboy.

"Two amazingly different sides of The L Word's Karina Lombard" per Playboy Online.


5/7/05 - Karina is currently in Vancouver, filming the new TV series "The 4400's". Karina's character will enter the show mid season.  As soon as Karina's schedule relaxes, her assistant will get some of the questions answered by Karina.   

Link to "The 4400's"


4/26/05 Karina has agreed to do a Q&A. This is your chance to ask Karina “herself” a question. 

Please submit your questions to me &/or Chris by this Thursday, April 28th. 
Depending on how many questions and number of duplicate questions we receive, we will forward the best 20-25 questions to Karina. 
Please give your real first name or moniker and what city or country your from. It will be submitted with your questions.





4/21/05The last three months Karina has been busy training for a new
action/adventure movie. The part she will be playing was written
especially for her and can be compared to Keanu Reeves' part of "The
Chosen one" in the movie "The Matrix".


More exciting news to follow very shortly......

Site Updates: Three Articles added; New puzzle; New wave photo, New Japanese site link added; Large view added to E-Cards; Music Career Page added and minor site updates on other pages 

3/11/05 - Two new/old articles up under Article section

3/10/05 - 1st Americans in the Arts, is the Native American Award Ceremony, they have once a year.  Karina is getting the award for Best Actress in a Television Series, for Marina in the L word, it is this Saturday in LA.   FAITA Link

3/6/05 - NEW Contest Page - Current contest ends 3/12/05

3/6/05 Updates: New Wallpaper; Copy of  Advocate Letter under Fans; NewKarinaPuzzle 

2/12/05 Totally new Karina World Site Launch!  (New Photos, Ecards, Games and etc.)